Saturday, October 16, 2010

What is Life ?

Life is not that complex. Love and its pseudos-attention, desire, belonging... Purpose likewise associated with,reason,a plan, destiny which spring forth determination, ambition....The very things that confuse us at the end of it all are the add-ons. A general truth; the more u look the less u see. The more u get the more u lack(and its not just with money).But the more u live the better for u.
I know I'm still lacking the defining point because there is no point, the idea is to keep the basics in mind for when u stray too far. Can't lose the few facts u have cos if they don't answer the question, its still the closest u'll probably ever get. Therefore life is complex and u're better off reading this from the bottom up, might seem more inspiring that way but whats the point. there is no safety switch, no simulation. Life is nothing but life. No other adjective.....Life is life.

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