Sunday, October 31, 2010

Break through our sense of boredom

Sometimes we feel that things aren’t moving along fast enough for us and that the world is passing us by. It may be that time seems to stand still and that we are simply bystanders in our own lives. Other times it might appear that there is nothing new left for us to experience and that we are locked into a never-ending cycle of stasis. If we take the time to listen to these feelings we will notice that there is probably more going on beneath the surface, like our apprehension to venture out into the unknown. By taking a new look at how we live our lives, however, it will be easier to break through our sense of boredom and enter into a more positive state of being.

When life seems monotonous, it is usually an indication that there is something we need to change. Boredom can easily lead us down the path to despondency. Acknowledging our feelings and then setting the intention to alter just one small thing in our life can give us a much more affirmative outlook. This act of change allows us to step outside of ourselves and discover new and exciting things that are often already present in our everyday lives. Simple things such as eating a healthier diet, taking a new class, or joining a club are all ways in which we can go beyond our comfort zone and explore the wonders that exist all around us. Keep in mind that the moment we do something different from our usual routine, the more fresh energy, hope, and blessings we will manifest in our life. What this means is that we’ll no longer see things as being tedious but will instead realize the preciousness of everything.

Being able to integrate these subtle changes on a daily basis allows us to recognize the miracles that are our lives. Even though we may think of change as doing something life-altering or drastic, gentle transitions from our habitual ways of doing things and an appreciation of all life offers us will truly bring about positive and lasting transformation.

Monday, October 18, 2010

My Birthday Wishes

Todays is my birthday

Here are my birthday wishes :

1. I wish the earth will become cleaner and greener in future. I would love to see my grandson to enjoy the sunshine and swim in the middle of ocean and enjoy the blue of the deep sea and the warmth of nature.

2. The economy get better, everyone can feel secured and all the poor country will get better too. No more poverty, no more war, and peace will last.

3. Everyone stays happy, nothing is morre important than happiness of people who live on the earth. It'll be very great if everyone can see her/his own children grows up. And everyone will stays healthy

Saturday, October 16, 2010

simpler way of living: What is Life ?

simpler way of living: What is Life ?: "Life is not that complex. Love and its pseudos-attention, desire, belonging... Purpose likewise associated with,reason,a plan, destiny whic..."

What is Life ?

Life is not that complex. Love and its pseudos-attention, desire, belonging... Purpose likewise associated with,reason,a plan, destiny which spring forth determination, ambition....The very things that confuse us at the end of it all are the add-ons. A general truth; the more u look the less u see. The more u get the more u lack(and its not just with money).But the more u live the better for u.
I know I'm still lacking the defining point because there is no point, the idea is to keep the basics in mind for when u stray too far. Can't lose the few facts u have cos if they don't answer the question, its still the closest u'll probably ever get. Therefore life is complex and u're better off reading this from the bottom up, might seem more inspiring that way but whats the point. there is no safety switch, no simulation. Life is nothing but life. No other adjective.....Life is life.